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Water Soluble - Habcool 312 Emulsion

An extreme pressure water soluble fluid,

for production machining of steels including the toughest alloys. HABCOOL 312 is an advanced E.P. water soluble fluid designed for use in the newest production machine tools. HABCOOL 312 is the result of over eighty years of research and experience in the manufacture of industrial and metal cutting oils. HABCOOL 312 will economically machine non-ferrous alloys and all steels, including stainless.

HABCOOL 312 will not harm fine machine tools

  • Will not gum or foam
  • Contains an effective rust inhibitor
  • Will not soften machine paint finishes

HABCOOL 312 is economical to use

  • Reduces rejects to a minimum
  • Produces excellent finishes
  • Stops chip welding
  • Drains well from chips

HABCOOL 312 is pleasant and safe to work with

  • Has an effective germicide for complete bacteria control
  • No unpleasant odor
  • Eliminates annoying smoke

Mixing Instructions

Stable water, oil emulsions are important when using soluble oils.

  1. Always mix the oil into the water, never the reverse.
  2. Cleanliness of the machine reservoir is important if the maximum life is to be obtained from the emulsion.
  3. Accurate mixes are important. Once the correct mix is determined, the amount of oil to water must be consistent if the maximum tool life and economy are to be assured. The best results are obtained by mixing the product in a separate container not in the machine tool itself.
  4. For steel, including stainless, a recommended starting mix would be 8-10 parts water to 1 part 312 Emulsion. For free machining steels, mixes of 15 to 1 will work satisfactorily For grinding of hardened tool steels, a mix of 30-40 parts water to 1 part 312 Emulsion is recommended.

HABCOOL 312 contains rust inhibitors and an efficient germicide. Mixes beyond 30 to 1 may reduce the effectiveness of these additives.


747 Water Soluble Oil

A medium duty mineral oil based soluble for general machining and grinding.

Does not contain sulphur or chlorine.


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