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Customer Testimonials for Habcool

Guys I figured I'd pass this along. I was told to try Habcool 318. Its the best oil I have used.

Previously I like vipers venom for chambering and Rigid extreme for threading. This stuff produces the nicest threads and reduces cutting effort.

I can tell the tools cut better because on a spring pass there is basically no cutting happening.

Also built up edge is reduced or eliminated.

I had to order it direct from the company, I could not find a retailer. Habcool 318

zfastmalibu from http://forum.accurateshooter.com/index.php?topic=3884350.0

It is an honor to write a testimonial regarding the Habcool 312 Emulsion.

We have been using Habcool 312 on our 7 station deep draw transfer press, our automatic stamping machines, and our wire forming machines for the past 15 years.

It is by far the best water soluble fluid on the market. We used to experience costly die and tap wear, and when we switched to Habcool the replacement of taps and the sharpening of tools decreased by better than fifty percent.

In addition, we do not develop any bacteria in our sump.

We highly recommend this water soluble fluid for all forming, deep draw, and stamping operations.


Hal Roth

Please let it be known that Versabar Corporation has used Habcool 312 Emulsion for as long as I can remember.

We have had good results with the product in roll forming, and cutting operations.

I think it is a great product.


William Taylor

I must tell you that we machine a lot of stainless steel, and nothing made by any other company works as well or even close to Habcool 318 for keeping tools sharp and cutting well..


Ralph Barrese
Endicott Interconnect
Technologies Tool Division


My lead machinist on night shift just informed me that he has used Habcool 318 on his most difficult job since we received your sample and he is very pleased with the results. One of his operations requires him to use a GO-NO GO gauge on some threads and his comment was that he has never seen results as clean and accurate as this was.
Thank you,

Mike Brimhall
Boeing Salt Lake City


A friend and I used to use your product '318' years ago. The Habcool 318 was the best that we've ever seen for making NPT threads on pipe. We could not believe how well it worked.
Thank you,

Jake Grimm





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