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Cutting Oils and Lubricants for the Metal Working Industry since 1919


Lubricants and Greases for Metal Working Operations

  • Hydraulic Oils - highest quality approved oils containing inhibitors, anti-wear and anti-foam additives. Available in all viscosity grades.
  • Way Lubricants - containing additives to properly lubricate and protect way surfaces. All viscosity grades are available.
  • Spindle Oils - high quality oils in viscosity grades suitable for every application.
  • Head Stock Oils - for lubrication of head stock gears and bearings. All viscosity grades.
  • Greases - superior quality all purpose greases in various grades, with or without E.P. (extreme pressure) additives.
  • Gear Oils - for gear box lubrication.
  • Air Compressor Oil - for reciprocating or rotary type compressors. All SAE or viscosity grades.
  • Air Line Lubricator Oil - light oils containing inhibitors to prevent rust in the system.
  • Rust Preventative Oils - for preserving parts for short term storage or shipping.
  • Honing Oils - for honing
  • Heat Treating and Tempering Oils - high flash for safety.
  • Heat Transfer Oils - for temperatures to 4000F.
  • EDM Fluid - has a higher flash point to help prevent fires.
  • Blending Oil - a light oil for mixing with cutting oils to reduce the viscosity.
  • Gun Drill Oils - light viscosity compounded oils to help in rapid chip removal.

Transportation Lubricants

  • Gear Oils - For transmission and rear axle lubrication. Highest quality SAE 90-140 with and without E.P. additives.
  • Hydraulic Oils - Meet all pump manufacturers specifications. For hydraulic hoist system.
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • Greases - Water proof. High temperature greases in both regular and E.P. Also available with molybdenum, (MOLY).

Drawing, Stamping and Coining Oils

We offer a complete line of these highly specialized oils. Suitable for every application including non-staining materials for use on military and electronic

General Purpose Cutting Oils

Compounded for use in circulating systems

  • 301A - a light duty cutting oil for machining mild steel and aluminum
  • 250 - for machining most alloys. A high performance cutting oil
  • 202 - Compounded for use on aluminum, brass, bronze, copper. Will not discolor metals


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