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Habcool 344 Tapping Oil

A sulphur and chlorine free oil,

for tapping, threading, stamping, coining and production machining of metal. Designed to be used in the manufacture of electronic and nuclear components where the presence of sulphur or chlorine is not permitted.

  • Guaranteed to contain no added sulphur or chlorine. Designed for use on materials where stress corrosion cracking may be a factor.
  • Nonstaining - Completely nonstaining, can be used on copper, silver, brass, or any metal where discoloration may be undesirable.
  • Transparent - HABCOOL 344 is transparent, pleasant to work with, clings to tool, has no unpleasant odor.
  • High Flash Point - HABCOOL 344 presents no hazards in the shop. Contains no solvents. Will not evaporate.

High lubricating value

HABCOOL 344 is a high quality lubricant and will not damage bearings or machine finish. Will not gum.

  • Economical
  • Extends tool life
  • Improves finishes

Suggestions for Use of Sulphur and Chlorine Free Oils


Machine reservoir, hose lines, tools, ways, etc., must be thoroughly flushed with a sulphur and chlorine free solvent to prevent contamination of HABCOOL 344.


Check with manufacturer to ascertain whether lubricants now being used contain sulphur or chlorine, if so, flush and change to sulphur and chlorine free lubricants. Most gear oils of the "E.P." type are reinforced with sulphur. Care should be taken to ensure that these oils cannot leak into the cutting oil reservoir.


Tote pans and other containers used to store or ship parts must be completely cleaned, if they have been used for parts machined with sulphur oils.


Parts should be degreased in a sulphur and chlorine free fluid. Fluid that has been used to degrease parts machined with sulphur or chlorine oils should not be used.


Many rust preventives contain sulphur, switch to sulphur free preventives.


The separation of sulphur and chlorine free oils from regular lubricants must be maintained.

These suggestions will prevent contamination and the possible rejection of parts. H & B Petroleum Company can supply lubricants and rust preventives suitable for these applications.


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